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Zen In Tech: Zen Camp 4 Graduation

Jul 22, 2022

In our inaugural Intermediate course, our students are genuinely tested in our 6-week program.

At Zen In Tech, we incorporate Zen into the learning process to create a personal paradigm shift. We aim to foster healthy mental habits and relationship building while learning technology by grounding technical concepts into tangible real-world examples. In response to massive Job Loss during the 2020 Covid Epidemic, we have graduated over 20 students and provided scholarships and internships to many others, giving them skills for today's job market.

Zen Camp 4 was filled with the familiar faces of graduates from previous camps. Those who made it to the other side had their work cut out with lectures, projects, modules, and partnering. Using the understanding of the Zen principles and managing stress in this learning process is paramount.

We are honored to announce the 4th graduating class of Zen In Tech's Zen Camp. Accomplishing this undertaking required resilience and tenacity. Therefore, I stand before the students of Zen Camp 4 as determined and focused on growth and achievement.

The depth of the Salesforce platform is immense, Trailhead is not easy to complete alone, and our graduates must go above and beyond Trailhead with our custom training lessons and assessments. However, our graduates pushed through this challenge and can wear their badges proudly!

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