Zen In Tech Founding Graduates

Salesforce Admin Basics

I am extremely proud to announce the graduating class of  Zen In Techs first Zen Camp. We hand-selected each person for their tenacity and search for change and depth. The strength of this community was on full display during this 6-week intense course as they supported and uplifted each other. What makes this diverse cohort special is the various experience levels and backgrounds, representing all of whom came together for self-improvement and accomplishment. Navigating the ins and outs of Salesforce and Trailhead is not easy. To graduate, the students went above and beyond what was expected from Trailhead. From Weekly group training sessions, partner pairing; as well as acquiring trailhead badges, we know and can certify that our graduates have the competence and understanding of Salesforce Administration basics. Our graduates did the work and have the badges and knowledge to prove it!

Sheldon Callahan - Instructor


Zen Camp 2 Graduates

Salesforce Admin Basics

It is our extreme pleasure to announce the 2nd graduating class of  Zen In Tech’s Zen Camp. Each person must exercise, resilience and tenacity as well as a search for change and depth. Each group is unique and Zen Camp 2 was no exception. Zen Camp 2 was a mix of nontechnical and technical, women and men, people with no wellness background, and wellness professionals. With various experience levels and experiences, representing different ethnicities and cultural identities all of whom came together for self-improvement and accomplishment.

Our goal is to reshape and repattern your learning and career and this group went the distance to a new personal paradigm.

Zen Camp 3 Graduates

Salesforce Admin Basics

The Zen In Tech Community is growing, and each person brings something unique to this learning process. People come, and the backgrounds they come from paint a new experience, and though Zen Camp 3 was small, it was colorful and rich.

We are honored to announce the 3rd graduating class of Zen In Tech’s Zen Camp. Each person showed resilience and tenacity, as well as a search for change and depth. Each group is unique, and Zen Camp 3 was no exception. I would describe the women of Zen Camp 3 as determined and focused on growth and achievement.

Our goal is simple, to incorporate Zen in the learning process to create a personal paradigm.

"The students were so amazing to work with! The way Sheldon teaches and the help from my team helped make things less stressful"

Charles Middlebrook

"The experience of Zen In Tech as a whole was very enjoyable. Although the learning curve for the platform was steep, learning in a cohort made the information easier to process."

Tyng Liu

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime, for those who want to get into tech or those who want to learn about the Salesforce platform."

Ashley Addison

"It was REALLY good and very impactful. I'm amazed at what I accomplished having not much tech. This is a testament to a good teacher"

Shereel Washington

"It takes a team and Mr. Callahan provided that for all of us! Bottom Line; It was fun, awesome, and exciting!!"

Martin Manaoat

"I would definitely return again! The care put into it, attention to detail, and enthusiasm combined with a Great instructor who went to great lengths to help"

Landon Callahan

"This camp took a fledgling cohort and primed them for further learning. The class fulfills the requirements for outcomes-based learning but was also hugely confidence building."

Nash Ismail