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Zen In Tech @ Deep Root Center 

was formed to enable people to learn technology in a holistic way.

Zen In Tech is a one-of-a-kind guided interactive program of the Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies 5013c centered on wellness. It consists of 2 weekly live online classes in a six-week course. The students have access to class recordings, course materials, and community during and after the class's completion. Students have weekly assignments and system administration homework individually reviewed and checked by the certifying instructor.

Students add value to their resumes through learning Salesforce Administration and earn points on Salesforce's site Trailhead; and establish, develop and maintain three simple practices: 

  • Mindfulness and body awareness in the usage, learning, and adoption of technology in life and business. 

  • Valuing people over technology and wisdom over knowledge in life and business.

  • Find sustainable healthy paths to learn and use technology in daily life and work situations.

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies 501c3

Oakland Based Non-Profit Wellness Temple

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies is a Temple focused on spiritual and wellness studies. Formerly known as the Shaolin Buddhist Temple and Education Foundation, originally founded in 2006 by monks from the Shaolin Monastery In China, we have expanded our organization to include a broader spectrum of education.

Being enriched and infused with the culture, flow, and history of Oakland, Deep Root serves a wide and culturally diverse community.  We house and support programs, including Spiritual, Personal and Career Development, Meditation, Kung Fu, Qigong, Dance, and other wellness arts.

Enriching our community and world with enlightenment studies from the spiritual, martial, and mental wellness arts. Creating a learning environment for the enrichment and healthy transmission of treasured and timeless information.