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Zen In Tech: Zen Camp Founding Graduates

Feb 08, 2021

I am incredibly proud to announce the graduating class of our first Zen In Tech Zen Camp. We hand-selected each person we lovingly refer to as “Campers,” for their tenacity and search for change and depth. The strength of this community was on full display during this 6-week intense course as they supported and uplifted each other. What makes this diverse camp special is the various experience levels and backgrounds, representing all of whom came together for self-improvement and accomplishment. Navigating the ins and outs of Salesforce and Trailhead is not easy. To graduate, the students went above and beyond what was expected from Trailhead. From Weekly group training sessions, partner pairing; as well as acquiring trailhead badges, we know and can certify that our campers have the competence and understanding of Salesforce Administration basics. Our Campers did the work and now have the badges and knowledge to prove it!

Sheldon Callahan - Instructor

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