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Zen In Tech: Zen Camp 3 Graduates

graduates salesforce admin zen camp zen camp 3 Jun 18, 2021

The Zen In Tech Community is growing, and each person brings something unique to this learning process. People come, and the backgrounds they come from paint a new experience, and though Zen Camp 3 was small, it was colorful and rich.

We are honored to announce the 3rd graduating class of Zen In Tech’s Zen Camp. Each person showed resilience and tenacity, as well as a search for change and depth. Each group is unique, and Zen Camp 3 was no exception. I would describe the women of Zen Camp 3 as determined and focused on growth and achievement.

Our goal is simple, to incorporate Zen in the learning process to create a new personal paradigm.

Salesforce and Trailhead are not easy, and our graduates must go above and beyond what is expected from Trailhead. With weekly group training sessions, partner pairing, and acquiring trailhead badges, we know and certify that our graduates have the competence and understanding of Salesforce Administration basics. Our graduates can wear their badges proudly!

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