Meditation and Qigong for people who work with technology

Gain the many benefits of a mindfulness practice combined with movement. 


All The Tools You Need Start or Improve Your Meditation Practice

Modern-day tech and knowledge workers can benefit from a meditation practice for clearity, self-awareness, and improved productivity. 

Learn the secrets of centering, visualization, balance and movement to improve your focus and wellbeing.

Your Instructor

Sheldon Callahan is a teacher of Shaolin Martial Arts and Qigong is also a Software Architect and will share the tools he uses to stay healthy, at peace, and one with himself while dealing with the trials of the modern tech world.




Reduce Stress and Fatigue 


Improve Wellbeing and Awareness


Incorporate Wellness into your life

"The feeling of renewal helps bring me into the moment so I can focus on the task at hand, and is a great way to take a timeout if things have gotten too challenging to refresh and restart."

Aaron Bonilla


Shereel Washington

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